You are agreeing to these policies once you have booked a service or purchased a product. If you have any further questions, please send an email to

Business hours are Monday - Friday: 1pm - 9pm, Saturday - Sunday & Holidays: CLOSED

Any emails sent will be answered the following business day if they have been sent after 9pm or on a non-business day.

Work will NOT be completed during non-business days

The client agrees to pay 100% of the total cost of the project before The Imani Designs begins the work. All payments will be made via Paypal on unless discussed otherwise. Payment must be 100% cleared before The Imani Designs begins the work.

After payment has been cleared, the client will need to sign a design service agreement and fill out a design form provided by The Imani Designs.

All pricing is subject to change at any time.

All communication will be through email. The Imani Designs will no longer communicate about orders via social media platforms.

Please allow for a 24-48 hour response time due a high volume of inquiries.

The Imani Designs does not and will not provide refunds or cancellations for any product/services for any reason unless The Imani Designs and the client has agreed upon a refund.

If a chargeback is in process and/or a dispute is filed, the client will NOT receive any of the work and agrees to pay forth the any fees associated with the litigation filed against them.

If a client is being too difficult, rude, and/or taking up an extreme amount of time causing a backup in orders, all work will come to an end and the client will be fired and not to order from The Imani Designs again. The client will still be able to receive the work that has been completed along with any files; however, there will be NO refunds.

Draft images of any kind are for the purpose of approval ONLY. They may not be copied, manipulated, and/or distributed to any other person(s) or company other than The Imani Designs and the client without permission from The Imani Designs. If drafts have been copied, manipulated, and/or distributed without the permission of The Imani Designs legal action will be pursued against you. All drafts are the property of The Imani Designs.

All graphic design services/products (except instant downloads) include a free THREE (3) rounds of minor revision limit. Any additional revision after the initial THREE (3) rounds will incur a $15 fee per revision, which can be paid via Paypal, Cashapp, or debit/credit card on For website designs, the number of revision rounds are limited to FOUR (4) and any additional revisions will incur a $25 fee. Minor revisions are meant for colour changes, font changes, and/or anything that does not dramatically obstruct the overall concept. Revisions do NOT include concept changes. If a client would like a concept change, a new service would need to be purchased

Due to the uniqueness of each project, turnaround times may vary.

Once payment has been cleared and all materials have been obtained from the client, the project will begin the following business day. Weekends and holidays are NOT included in business days. It is advised that you give the project a realistic timeframe for the following reasons:

- Revisions may be needed

- There may be a peak in orders

- Prior work may take longer than expected

Turnaround times are subject to change at any time. Illness, injury, and/or all other events beyond The Imani Designs control may result in the delay of your project.

All projects (except website design) will be delivered to the client via email, unless discussed otherwise, in the following formats: .PNG, .JPG, and occasionally .PDF

All core .PSD, .AI, and/or .EPS files will remain the sole property of The Imani Designs. Once the project has been finalized and files have been delivered, the client owns the rights to the project; however, the client also agrees to give The Imani Designs the right to use the completed project for portfolio and/or marketing purposes.

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